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Electric Mortise Lock Exit Device


The Electric Mortise Lock (EM) Exit Device has all characteristics of the standard mortise lock exit device, and has the feature of being electrically controlled by a remote switching device (such as a key switch, digital keypad, card reader or control console). The EM exit device electrically controls the outside trim to unlock and lock the door. The key cylinder on the outside trim may retract the latch bolt for mechanical override at any time when lockset is electrically locked.


The EM exit device requires the folling accessories:

1. An electric hinge or electrical power transfer

2. A key switch or digital keypad

3. A power supply

* All these items are ordered separately.


Two Features


(1) Fail Safe Control - Electrically locked (EL)

Model No. 8820S-EL/MEL , 8820F-EL/MEL

Outside lever is locked when power is applied and unlocked when power is removed. (Storeroom function when energized.) Lockset will unlock in the event of a power failure. If choose this function, specify model no. 8820S-EL/MEL or 8820F-EL/MEL.

(2) Fail Secure Control – Electrically unlocked (EU)

Model No. 8820S-EU/MEU , 8820F-EU/MEU

Outside lever is unlocked when power is applied and locked when power is removed. Lockset will lock in the event of a power failure. If prefer this function, specify model no. 8820S-EU/MEU or 8820F-EU/MEU.

*Note: Some Fire codes will require "Fail Safe" operation to stairwell doors. Be sure to specify the correct operation for your application.

Solenoid Type
  • Voltage : 12VAC/12VDC or 24VAC/24VDC (Specify voltage when ordering)
  • Current : 612mA @12VAC/12VDC or 330mA @24VAC/24VDC
  • Power Consumption : 8 Watts
  • Solenoid : The solenoid with this exit hardware is usually installed in internal temperature controlled environments (around 23°C / 73°F)

Motor Type

  • Voltage : 12 - 24V AC/DC (11V - 30V) (Voltage switch accessible with armor front removed)
  • Current : 250 mA MAX Inrush, 10mA MAX Holding
  • Non-polarized Leads
  • Switch Slider Settings : Yellow - Fail Secure or Green - Fail Safe

The Electric Mortise Lock Exit Device may have the following additional functions if required.

1. REX (Request to Exit)

If need to know whether the exit device is operated from the inside, use REX option to the security system for monitoring the push bar.

2. LM (Latch Monitor)

If need to know whether the latch is extended or retracted, use the security systems to monitor the latch, to signal the door opening or not.

 Note: The REX or LM switch option is a signaling switch only; it should not be used to control a load.  


  • UL/CUL Listed - GXHX R18584 Fire Exit Hardware
  • ANSI Listed - Standard devices comply with ANSI/BHMA A156.3 - Grade 1, 2014