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Trims for Mortise Lock

Wide/Narrow Escutcheon and Rose Design

LE: Wide Escutcheon

NE: Narrow Escutcheon

LR: Rose Design



  • The mortise lock is coupled with clutch freewheeling trim that is designed for areas where are susceptible to vandalism including schools, universities, muliitenant buildings, apartments, athlete's locker rooms at indoor stadiums and gymnasiums, or other public buildings.
  • The clutch freewheeling design allows the outside lever to swing freely and down to 45°The outside lever rotates when the door is locked preventing excessive or abusive force from being applied to the lever trim. This advantage can eliminate resetting the trim after vandalism attempts because the lever returns to its original position automatically. Also it can decrease the lever handle to be broken and damaged.
 Trim  Material
 L Escutcheon Type  100% stainless steel, Wrought forming
 N Escutcheon Type  Wrought forming Cold forged brass or bronze, Cast forming
 Round Rose  Brass, bronze or stainless steel, Wrought forming
 Knob Type  100% stainless steel, Forming by deep drawing press


Finishes US3, US4, US10, US10B, US26, US26D, US32, US32D