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Rim Exit Device (Narrow Stile)

Rim Exit Devices (Narrow Stile)

8510S/8710S : Panic-Rated Rim Exit Device

8510F/8710F : Fire-Rated Rim Exit Device                                                                                                                         



  • 8510S/8710S are used for the aluminum frame full glass doors or narrow stile aluminum doors applications.
  • 8510F/8710F are used for the aesthetics requirements of wide stile single doors up to 4' x 8' (1219mm x 2438mm) or 8' x 8' (2438mm x 2438mm) double metal or wood doors with mullion.



  • US3, US4, US10, US10B, US26, US26D, US32D

Quiet Solution (Option)

  • A mechanical damper controls the motion and reduces the noise associated with the exit device operation to provide customers with a quieter environment.
  • Specify "Quiet Solution" when ordering.
Device Lengths Short (36"): 34-11/32" (872mm), Long (48"): 46-5/16" (1176mm)
Door Widths 36" - For 29" to 36" (736mm to 914mm) door size
  48" - For 33" to 48" (838mm to 1219mm) door size
Minimum Stile Width    2-19/32" (66mm)
Latch Bolt   3/4" (19mm) throw, deadlocking design
Strikes  801 (panic), 802(fire)
Dogging Kit  Panic device - Hex key dogging (RD) standard
  Fire device - No mechanical dogging (ND)
Dogging Options Cylinder Dogging (CD)
  Less Dogging (LD)
Mounting Fasteners Panic device - Machine screws furnished standard
           Optional SNB are available for device. Order SNB separately.
  Fire device - Sex nuts and bolts (SNB) supplied standard
Mounting Height Device centerline from finished floor is 40" (1016mm) standard
Projection  Pushbar Neutral: 3-1/16" (78mm)
  Pushbar Depressed: 2-19/32" (66mm)



  • UL/cUL Listed : UL listed as Panic Exit Hardware or 3-hour Fire Exit Hardware
  • Comply with ANSI A156.3 - 2014 Grade 1